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Table of contents

  1. Guest Lectures
  2. Tutorials
  3. Readings
  4. UW ITE Data Collection Project
  5. R Shiny Contest 2020 is here!

Guest Lectures

It’s our pleasure to invite two UW alumni from INRIX to give us two guest lectures to introduce advanced transportation data management and visualization technologies and tools to the students. Please find the speaker’s short-bios and the lectures’ links:

  • Dr. Kristian Henrickson
    • Lecture
    • Kristian Henrickson received his PhD in transportation engineering from the University of Washington in 2018, dissertation title “A Framework for Understanding and Addressing Bias and Sparsity in Mobile Location-Based Traffic Data”. He currently works as a data scientist in the Analytics group at INRIX in Kirkland Washington. Kristian’s research interests include data quality, traffic modeling, machine learning, and public engagement.
  • Mr. Mingjian Fu
    • Lecture
    • Mingjian Fu was a former member of UW starLab and received his master degree in transportation engineering from University of Washington in 2018. He works at INRIX Kirkland as a software development engineer, developing web applications for providing real-time traffic flow and incident data.



UW ITE Data Collection Project

Release Date: Feb 23, 2020

Each year, ITE Western District creates a Data Collection Fund to encourage Student Chapter involvement with the profession. UW ITE chapter recently won another proposal for a annual data collection project. The committee was impressed by the quality of our previous deliveries as well as the value and uniqueness of the site for this year’s project.

We are working at Shell on the 45th Street (near the University District Building), collecting count data of vehicles, bicyclists, bus passengers, and pedestrians who enter this gas station that has various amenities. It will provide relevant technical data in the West for transportation engineers and planners.

We are planning to work in 2-hour shifts from 7am-6pm on February 25 (Tuesday) and 26 (Wednesday). To make it a successful project, a collaborative effort is necessary. We are seeking volunteers from our CEE community that could sign up for times they are available to help. Being a part of this project is fun and beneficial to the overall academic and professional development.

This project will help you gain experience on the collection of basic data with focus on real world selection process and on practical, day-to-day, minor research in transportation engineering and planning. Additionally, students registered for CEE 412/CET 522 will receive an extra 1.5 points towards their final grade.

We will also be having a draw for two Amazon gift cars ($25 each) at the end of the project and will be providing complimentary refreshments.

Please sign up here using this link:

R Shiny Contest 2020 is here!

Release Date: Feb 29, 2020

The 2020 Shiny Contest runs from 29 January to 20 March 2020. Please check out the following links:

  • Submission Deadline: March 20, 2020 at 5pm ET

  • Requirements
    • Data and code used in the app should be publicly available and/or openly licensed.
    • Your app should be deployed on
    • Your app should be in an RStudio Cloud project.
  • Criteria
    • Just like last year, apps will be judged based on technical merit and/or on artistic achievement (e.g., UI design). We recognize that some apps may excel in one of these categories and some in the other, and some in both. Evaluation will be done keeping this in mind.
    • Evaluation will also take into account the narrative on the contest submission post as well as the feedback/reaction of other users on RStudio Community. We recommend crafting your submission post with this in mind.
  • Awards
    • Honorable Mention Prizes
    • Runner Up Prizes
    • Grand Prizes